September 22, 2023


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What Statement Of Information (California) Entails 

Statement of Information (What Is It And How To File One)

As a business owner in California, you need to have a California statement of Information which you need to file after every 90 days of finishing your articles of incorporation.  First we have to understand what a statement of information is, this is a manuscript that is needed by the California secretary of state for a number of business entities like corporations, limited liability firms and limited partnerships. It consists of the name of the firm’s owner, the business address and your business inscription. Moreover, you can add any viable information in the document if you wish to. In this article we are going to talk about what the statement of information in California entails. 

When to file your statement of information 

You need to file your statements after every year while other organizations can file after every two years. When it come to new firms, they need to register your organization after 90 days. In case you don’t want to be charged with any filing fee, you should file an early statement. The filing process needs to be done by organizations from other states that have registered to work with companies in California. If you have decided to start a business in this state, you have to file your statements on time whether you’ve started doing business or not. 

How to file your statement of information 

You can file your statement online, in person or via email. Even if this is possible ensure you visit the California secretary of state website so that you can access the document you will fill in all your credentials. The process you need to follow is to visit the website and click on the business tab on the top menu. Afterwards you will have to file for a corporation or a non-profit, here you will choose either online, in person or via mail. 

How to file your statements using mail

Open your business type and click the + sign and find the statement that fits you. When you choose the name of the form you won’t, it will be displayed on your screen and the next thing is to fill in your form which you should do using a black ink. 

There are some things you need to add in your statement and they are ;

  • The name of your firm.
  • The dodgit filing number you were given by the Secretary of State. If you cannot recall the number issued to you by going to the business entity search and select the entity number column. 
  • Names of all the managers as well as directors should also be included.  


As a business owner who wants to do business in California make sure you follow the process listed above so that you can do business without any issues. In this article we have given you steps  on how to register yourself and the threshold needed. Ensure you look into the things we have talked of above so that you can register yourself accordingly.