July 14, 2024


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The Top 6 Basketball Shooting Techniques You Need to Know

Top 6 Basketball Shooting Drills for Coaches and Players – Blazepod

Shooting the basketball is one of the most critical skills in basketball. It’s also one of the most challenging to master. As a result, many young players neglect to work on their shooting technique, only to find that they’re not improving as fast as they’d like. Here are six techniques you can practice with basketball training equipment, like a basketball shot trainer, that will help you become a better shooter:

The B.E.E.F. Technique

The B.E.E.F. technique is a great way to improve your shooting accuracy and consistency and help you develop better form. The acronym stands for Balance, Eyes, Elbow, and Feet.

  • Balance: Hold the ball with two hands in front of your chest with elbows bent at a 90-degree angle (or slightly less). Keep the ball close to your body, so it doesn’t bounce away from you when released; this will also help keep your elbow pointed down toward the floor during shots.
  • Eyes: Focus on keeping both eyes open while looking at the rim throughout each shot.
  • Elbow: Pointing downward at all times when releasing a basketball shot increases its chances of going in by improving accuracy.
  • Feet: Stance should be wide enough so that there’s room between feet but not too wide where it causes instability when moving around on the court during playtime activities like drills/games involving passing skills.

The L-Squared Technique

The L-squared technique is best practiced with a basketball hoop return. It’s also easy to learn and use, making it perfect for beginners and experienced players.

The L-Squared Technique involves four steps:

  • Readying yourself for the shot by standing in an athletic position with feet shoulder-width apart. You should balance both feet well and keep your knees slightly bent, so they don’t lock during the shot attempt.
  • Bringing the ball up into position in front of your face (this is called bringing up). Ideally, this should happen at about chest level or higher depending on how high off the ground you want to shoot from – but don’t worry if this isn’t possible;
  • Making sure that both hands are holding onto one end of each side of the ball (hence why we call it “L” shaped) before beginning any dribbling motions towards our target area where we want our shot attempt(s) made

The One Motion Technique

The one-motion technique is a shooting technique best practiced with a basketball shot returner. It involves the use of one hand to shoot the ball. The player starts by bringing the ball up with his shooting hand; then, he raises his elbow as he brings it behind his head, finally letting go of the ball at its highest point. This allows him to snap his wrist quickly and release before defenders can react.

This is an excellent method if you want to use a basketball return system to shoot quickly. It doesn’t give your defender enough time to anticipate where you’re aiming or get themselves into position. It also allows for more control over where exactly your shot will land than other types of shots do—you can focus on getting it off rather than worrying about making sure everything lines up perfectly, as other methods require of their users (and thus take away from their ability).

The Free Throw Technique

The free throw is a simple shot to score points in a game. The player stands at the free throw line with their feet spread apart, and they shoot the ball towards the basket. If you are shooting for a two-point field goal, you will want to ensure that your hand is over the rim of the basketball net when contacting it. You can achieve this by throwing up an underhand motion while keeping your arms straight throughout impact (as opposed to bending them).

If you are practicing at home, some shooting trainer basketball drills can help improve your technique:

  • Use cones or other objects as targets for each shot so that you can focus on accuracy rather than speed or power;
  • Aiming at different areas of each cone will help train muscle memory;
  • Practice shooting from various distances from where they usually occur during playtime!


If you want to improve your shooting form, it’s essential to understand what makes an excellent shot. The best way to do this is by studying the top players in the N.B.A. These guys have been working on their skills since they were kids and know what it takes to be successful at this game.