July 23, 2024


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Take Advantage of Online Opportunities in E-Commerce, Online Opportunities

Take Advantage of Online Opportunities in E-Commerce, Online Opportunities

Are you online? Did you know that according to CMDC’s Media Digest 2008, over 84% of Canadians have access to the Internet and surf the web on a daily basis?

If you can appreciate the potential of reaching over 23 million Canadians that are searching for a variety of topics in a variety of categories that just might happen to be looking for the business you are in? I hate to say it but by not making your business present on the internet – you pose a great threat to your business by not existing to new potential customers.

Why is it so important to be online?

If you are looking to:

o Provide 24/7 access to your customers

o Provide convenient shopping opportunities to your customers to generate additional sales

o Advertise your business to customers outside of the country

Then you better get involved online if you aren’t already and take advantage of some of the online opportunities in ecommerce.

As a seasoned marketing professional it is my job to seek out the latest and greatest marketing and advertising opportunities for my clients – and myself! Online marketing is the #1 growth media for promoting, marketing and selling your products or services. As a certified marketing professional who has owned and managed his own marketing firm for over 7 years and with over 15+ years experience in the field, I can assure you that NOW is the time to get your business Online and Selling! Just because the economy in North America appears to be dumping it doesn’t mean your business should be.

So you are a business that tends to operate on the 9-5 schedule – great – you have provided your customers with local access to your business and the ability to aid them with any inquiries they may have. Does that mean at 5 o’clock every day you are no longer interested in generating revenue? I should hope not. Having a website as a secondary contact for your potential customers can provide you with sales you really haven’t needed to work hard for. You present all the relevant information that your customers will need on your website in the convenience of their own home, where they can read, shop and research what you have to offer at their own leisure. When you provide your customers with convenience and freedom there is a good possibility they will return your efforts with a purchase of your product. You would actually be surprised at the trust level customers have associated with businesses who look to online opportunities in ecommerce. It seems almost as if a business that goes through the efforts of investigating online opportunities in ecommerce will generate more revenue because these businesses know the importance of customer secured ecommerce.

If you sell in-store, why not sell online? The addition of an on-line store or online opportunities in ecommerce on your website may provide you with an additional revenue source for your company. Look how great businesses like E-bay and Kijiji do with selling previously used or gently used items – millions of hits and sales a day. Of course this is based on a bidding system but if your customers are comfortable with purchasing online – statistics show that 8 out of 10 people will research a product online before they buy it. And if they like what they research why not provide them with an opportunity to buy immediately as your selling window for an online lead is only 60 seconds – get them while they’re already on your site. And of course as previously mentioned, it is of the utmost importance to ensure your customer’s security through a secured and authorized e-commerce company.

Are you a business in Canada? Are you interested in generating business to other countries like the U.S. or the U.K.? It really doesn’t need to be an excruciating process crossing over into foreign markets, especially when you look into online opportunities in ecommerce for your business. One of the great things about the web is that it is called the “world wide web” for a reason. If you put your product/service online – you open yourself up to business opportunities from customers everywhere. The web is an amazing tool for clothing businesses, book industries, and many more.

24/7, convenient, global, online shopping opportunities are only a few aspects of why online opportunities in ecommerce can help establish your business. Being present online is extremely important to any business looking to gain more customers and generate more revenue. The web is a great way to get the word out about your product/service – so let your company grow to its ultimate potential and get online and start making connections.