July 25, 2024


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Home storage of gold legal for SMSF but ill-advised - SMS Magazine

Are you a trustee of an SMSF? Then you might be wondering if SMSF gold is a suitable investment. The short answer is that investment-grade bullion is allowed as an asset with some rules around the acquisition; holding physical gold is a great option. 

In particular, gold and silver remain popular assets for Self Managed Super Funds as they present you with diversification above your traditional asset classes. Furthermore, gold and silver are highly liquid, making them an excellent insurance policy when there is economic turmoil, as we are feeling now. 

But why buy or invest in gold bullion for your super? The fact is that all markets move in significant cycles, and yes, every asset class can have a fantastic day in the sun. However, when you look at the inverse side of this cycle, you can hate them, forget or admire them in misunderstanding. 

Then you have times you need to buy or sell in any asset class. But when looking at physical precious metals compared to the current economic climate points, the latter is your safety net to boost your investment portfolio. 

For instance, when you look at gold, countries use it to balance official balance sheets. This effectively re-balances the account resulting from excessive or continued debt creation and forced devaluation of paper currencies. 

Hence, precious physical metals like gold and silver are not only a diversification within the portfolio, but it falls into a tier one-asset class. But on the other hand, it is a fundamental insurance policy acting against world debt and other leverage excesses. 

So, if you have a Self Management Super Fund, SMSF gold bullion is the best investment you can make. Yet, the first thing you can do is check your trust dead with an investment strategy to see if this type of investment is allowed. 

The reason is that the SMSF needs specific details per the SMSF legislation. Once you have checked the legislation and it is allowed, you can visit a gold bullion dealer in Brisbane to invest in gold bullion today.

You will be required to have the transaction invoiced in the SMSF name, and a gold dealer will be able to help you with each type of requirement needed. The important thing is that your physical gold needs to be kept secure in a storage facility to keep it safe. 

While you are not required to keep it at a vaulting facility. The wisest thing you can do is to keep it with the gold dealer for safety and insurance purposes. Furthermore, it helps with reporting and auditing as you receive regular statements.

So, as an investor, you will still be able to control the quality, quantity, security, and storage of the physical gold from start to finish. Furthermore, what better way to store value for your future than gold? It remains safer and more potent than most other investments. 

Thus, if you want to maintain healthy balances in wealth. Buying and investing in gold bars with your super fund is a great way to use it as an inflation hedge