May 21, 2024


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She Went From Sports Marketing to Launching Postal Petals


Talia Boone, founder of Postal Petals, is on a mission to help people relax and enjoy life, all through the use of “do it yourself” flower arrangements. In this podcast learn about her journey from sports marketing to entrepreneurship. Learn about the power of testing and figuring things out. We also find out how just because a market is tough to break into doesn’t mean it’s not impossible.

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Learning from Sports Marketing

Her journey to entrepreneurship started in public relations.

Talia worked for a few years as in marketing and publicity roles for NFL football teams.

She then served for almost 10 years as head of communications and brand management at Darrell Green Enterprises. Darrell is a Washington Commanders NFL athlete (retired).

One of her many accomplishments is heading Darrell’s campaign to be in the Hall of Fame.

Talia continued to work in senior roles at marketing agencies until she launched her own agency connecting brands to athletes and in particular with a focus on promoting social change and impact.

From Passion to Business

In early 2020 Talia started a hobby that she’d been passionate about before – flower arranging. This was right at the start of the pandemic.

Talia scoured around looking for companies who could send her small arrangements of flowers to arrange but she couldn’t find any. She found arranging flowers, therapeutic and peaceful.

Talia discovered that the flower industry is a difficult industry to break into and it’s not set up to send small orders of flowers to individuals. It’s an industry of wholesalers who sell flowers to larger retailers and flower shops, but not to many others.

Talia didn’t see this as a challenge but saw it as an opportunity.

She set out to learn about the flower industry and instead of just flowers for herself, through Postal Petals, Talia is expanding her love of flower arrangments to the world.

Technology Challenges

Technology plays a huge role in Postal Petals. First started on Square Space, then moved to WordPress, Talia didn’t find a great e-commerce platform until she landed on Shopify.

Talia’s journey in using tech is what many of us go through. However, we figure it out. Like Marie Forleo‘s book “Everything is Figuroutable” talks about.

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Logistic Challenges

A constant challenge for Postal Petals is shipping. The goal is for customers to receive their flowers within 36 hours after they’re cut. The faster the customer gets the flowers, the longer the flowers they arrange will be in bloom.

Freelancers – Virtual Assistants To The Rescue

Small businesses don’t have to hire a full-time team to grow. We can start with contractors, or “virtual assistants” to get the help we need in our businesses. This is how Talia started. Hiring contractors from Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelance platforms.


Talia’s story is one of leveraging professional skills learned working for others, to grow a business.

Her journey shares how persistence and hard work can get you far.

Often times you have to test and try out things to see what works.

Looking to relax, have fun with friends, and spend some time bringing mood-enhancing beauty into your life?

Try out Postal Petals


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