July 22, 2024


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Salary Expectations In Business Careers

Salary Expectations In Business Careers

A career in the world of corporations and commercial organizations offers you a wide range of possibilities. You can work for yourself in a home based enterprise or work for someone else at any level of a large organization. The wages and benefits paid to employees or managers in an organization vary as much as the type of jobs that are performed by the worker. The location of the enterprise also affects the compensation. Another factor that affects the level of benefits and wages is the level and status of the degree that is offered as qualification by the worker.

Generally speaking the highest salaries in private enterprise are paid by companies located on the East Coast. New York City is home to many of the financial markets and banking centers. The positions paid to stock brokers, market analysts and upper level management of businesses can be substantial. The opposite Coast is home to Los Angeles where a large number of businesses make their home. Other major centers are Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth areas. Governmental business positions are available at the federal level and at each of the state government centers. Civil service jobs tend to be well paid and the benefits are generally excellent.

A bachelor’s degree is usually the minimum level required for salary expectations to be met. Bachelor;s degree programs are typically a four year program with some emphasis in the field of choice. The projects for growth of these jobs is faster than average, but competition is expected to be keen for any openings. Salaries with this depth of education vary widely, but can be expected to range between $55K and $100K.

A master’s degree in business administration (MBA) is the most popular graduate degree. Students often return to master’s programs using online venues or accelerated evening and weekend study. Many times, the advanced degree is supported by the employer. There are many degree programs to choose from, with the best salaries coming from the big name school degrees.

Some of the popular specializations within the degree programs for business include financial management, auditing, human resources management and health care facility management. A master’s degree program typically requires two to three years of study beyond the bachelor’s degree. It usually requires some type of project or internship before completion.

A business career offers exciting opportunities for growth in earnings. Entry level positions can be filled with bachelor’s degree holders. Compensation, especially in government positions is above the national average. The outlook for salary growth continues to be strong. Benefits are typically an attractive add on for these workers.