February 28, 2024


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Royal Golden Eagle makes positive contributions and efforts for the welfare of the community

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Social welfare plays an important role in improving the wellbeing of the community through the services and social development provided. The objective is to create a caring culture that is well-equipped in terms of basic needs. This is done through the development of society and an increased capacity for self-reliance, by lending moral support, giving advice and providing training on life skills.

From the time Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) was born in 1973 with the name Raja Garuda Mas till now, its Founder and Chairman, Sukanto Tanoto has contributed to the community. He has always held firm to his belief that the success of any business and the key to its survival is measured by its contributions to the community.

Under Tanoto’s directive, all RGE units made positive efforts towards the welfare of the communities around them. One such example is Pacific Oil & Gas (PO&G), an independent energy resource development company, focusing on meeting the increasing energy needs as a result of the growth of the Asian economy. PO&G builds, develops, owns, and operates cost-effective and sustainable projects throughout the energy supply chain. In the upstream sector, activities are concentrated on oil and gas exploration and production in Indonesia.

To make a positive contribution to the public, PO&G focuses on the health and quality of life of the community, its cultural preservation, and they continuously support the government’s efforts to promote healthy lifestyles and awareness of environmental protection. PO&G ensures that operations run well without harming the environment. In order to achieve this, they do not hesitate to use the latest technology that has been proven to be friendly to nature.

PO&G also runs its production process according to internationally established standards, with an assurance that its operations is run within the established rules. They also require their partners to carry out operations that are environmentally friendly, and this has become one of the main conditions of any partnership with them.

Work safety is a top priority at PO&G. The TWICE programme, which stands for Task, Workplace, Individuals, Contractors, and Environment, was set up as part of the Health Safety Environment (HSE) programme. The main goal of this programme is to make sure that there are no workplace accidents, no injured parties, and no negative impacts to the community and to nature.

These various activities were carried out by PO&G to ensure positive contributions could be made to the community, which is believed to be the key to the long-term sustainability of the company. In addition, they also carry out its work obligations, which is a directive by its Founder and Chairman, Sukanto Tanoto, known as the 5C working principles.

RGE business units must benefit the Community, the Country, the Climate, the Customer, and the Company. These steps taken by RGE and PO&G in making positive contributions to the surrounding communities have become manifestations, which truly embodies the company and founder’s philosophy.