July 24, 2024


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Networking and Ethics

Networking and Ethics

In this day and age and within the various business climates, there is an emergence of ethics in conjunction with business and social practices. Handing business procedures properly, the right treatment of employees and staff are becoming important issues. Policies are being more stringent and companies, organizations and individuals are being held accountable for their words and actions. The same can apply in the capacity of networking and relationship building. Savvy networkers are starting to understand the relevance of operating in integrity, honesty and responsibility.

Listed below are key ways in which individuals and companies can improve their networking tactics by focusing on their ethical approach.

Truth be Told

While you are out and about focus on your speech, promises and obligations to others. Demonstrate honesty and integrity in your business and social dealings. Do not over exaggerate the truth to make a sale, get a referral or market yourself. Be genuine and respectful towards your counterparts and do not compromise your image or brand. Focus on adding value, solving problems, creating solutions and initiating connections. It is easy to fall into the trap of over promising and under-delivering. Stay true to your word and follow through in all of your practices.

Take Out the Negativity

Once again, do not compromise your image or brand when networking with counterparts. Show the importance and significance of your work, product or services. Do not talk negatively about the competition or specific individuals. Focus on the positive activity of your industry, business or company. People tend to lose trust and loyalty when others have negative and dis-satisfying comments about their competition. This can hinder future business and lessen your credibility, among other things. One of the main purposes in networking is to build relationships and a viable network. In order to be successful, it is important to win the trust and admiration of others.

Fall In Line

Another way to improve your networking presence and influence with others is to be consistent in your words and actions. Stay committed to your promises and agreements. Be proactive in following through and staying connected. Make sure that your appearance, speech and written communication are all congruent with each other. Inconsistency, lack of timely and proper communication can negatively affect your networking agenda. Continue to show an appreciation for your counterparts as well as any opportunities which arise from doing business.

In regards to networking, be an individual of your words and actions. Respect the people and organizations which you choose to facilitate business and social connections.