May 21, 2024


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MLM Business Opportunity – Network Marketing Strategies

Who in their right mind would become involved with MLM business opportunity network marketing? If you’re smart, you will, and let me tell you why.

Thousands of people begin new businesses every day and MLM business opportunity network marketing allows anyone to start from the bottom and work to the top. It usually only takes buying some product to get started. Most companies already have a website you can plug into and take care of shipping the products to new customers or distributors. It appears to be winning combination for everyone. So why do so many people fail?

I was reading Mike Dillards book, Magnetic Sponsoring, and he puts it best. Mike says that this is an industry of marketing, by people that have no idea how to market.

When you think about that for a moment it makes sense. Think back when you first got started. You probably got excited about your product that someone shared with you. Watched some video about the marketing plan and said why not you. Next you make a list of friends and family and your off and running. Wait a minute; are you a member of the no friends left club? I hope that your not one of those MLM junkies, ha!

What happens is that your company’s autoship is so high, if you do not begin to recruit within the first 90 days your toast. Most people quit their business within 3 months of starting it. trying to recruit your friends and family is a quick way to put yourself out of business fast.

I hope I didn’t hit a nerve when I mentioned the no friends left! I have been there and understand what it means. You begin to look at other opportunities when you have not made any money with yours. It’s hard I know, the internet is a sea of opportunities.

I hope someone has not convinced you to buy leads, because I am here to tell you it does not work. Buying leads for your MLM business opportunity network marketing will be the biggest waste of money and only lead to more frustration. Believe me the last thing you need is something else to add to your budget that is like throwing money out the window, enough said on that.

Just a couple of things that you should understand about this industry. Most of the time you do not want to promote your opportunity. I know that does not make sense, but I promise you that unless you have a business that you can market a real product of value for around twenty bucks, then you will want to market what people are looking for.

I know what you’re thinking, what do people want? Well they want to learn how to market on the internet. People want to know where the best places to spend their time and money. Answer that question and provide real value, and you will be heading in the right direction.