July 15, 2024


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Kenya – Business Opportunities Galore!

Kenya – Business Opportunities Galore!

Named after Mt. Kenya, the second highest mountain peak of Africa & an important milestone; the Republic of Kenya is a melting pot of finance, transportation & communication services of Eastern & Central Africa. Kenya is well-recognized for its copious & abundant wildlife reserves displaying thousands of animal species. The capital of Kenya is Nairobi and currently stands out as the 47th largest country of the world.

The country’s economy is market-based and retains a pretty open external trade system along with some state-owned infrastructure businesses. Kenya enjoys an impressive level of computer literacy especially among the younger generation. When in comparison to its neighboring countries, Kenya has a far better social & physical infrastructure. It is known to be a key substitute location in South Africa, serving for all main corporations who are looking for business opportunities by gaining access into the African continent.

The Kenyan Government has been identified as being investment friendly and has authorized many regulatory reforms for streamlining both foreign & local investments. A comparatively large portion of the country’s foreign inflow is taken from remittances by none resident Kenyans working in the Middle East, US, Asia, Europe and other countries. Agriculture continues to beat the other sectors by occupying the top position in the country’s economy. Tea, coffee, horticultural products are some of the key & most valuable cash crops of Kenya’s exports.

Tendering & Procurement Opportunities are fairly good in Kenya. The Kenyan Government has introduced several measures to ensure complete transparency in the procurement system. Ensuring a fair, non-discriminatory, competitive and value for money procurement practices & maintaining high standards. Bidding is open to all bidders from qualified member countries as mentioned in ADB’s( African Development Fund) Rules of Procedure for the Procurement of Goods and Works.

Tourism is Kenya’s main source of earning foreign exchange. It is one of the most sought ought holiday destinations in the world. Kenyan tourism sector has witnessed a significant change since independence and by the late 1980’s it surfaced as the country’s major source of foreign exchange. Renowned for its amazing variety of stunning landscapes, cultural diversity and wildlife; Kenya is a wonderful place to visit and offers miles of sultry beaches & coral reef, thick equatorial forests, stunning mountains covered with snow and savannahs.

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