July 20, 2024


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Home-Based Business Owners Reject Traditional BizOpps and Find Success With Cash Gifting

Home-Based Business Owners Reject Traditional BizOpps and Find Success With Cash Gifting

New and experienced Internet entrepreneurs alike have seen and experienced the myriad of eBusiness opportunities over the years. Most of these make very grandiose promises, but yield little, if anything, in return.

Many home-business owners are beginning to reject MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate, and Direct Sales opportunities. Based upon the amount of sales and marketing experience and computer skills required, these traditional avenues are proving to be a major stumbling block to the average eBusiness operator.

As an alternative to the traditional Web-based business opportunities, many are turning to another more accommodating and more effective model for Internet income generation – Cash Gifting.

Successful cash gifting programs implement legitimate, proven and duplicatable processes, and are allowing its participants to build substantial incomes. A key factor in the effectiveness of these programs is the mentorship provided by the upline participants.

Cash gifting allows participants to receive large amounts of capital with minimal computer skills, sales experience, or formal education.

A former police officer from Detroit shared that “after trying several different programs and wasting 9 years and probably $40,000, I finally found a program that really works. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming independent and needs to generate cash NOW, not 6 months from now.”

Caroline, a retired schoolteacher from Spokane expressed her joy in generating $20,000 in her first month, which was more than she made in a job in all of 2004. She exclaimed “You think you’ve seen it all…you haven’t seen this.”

Mike, a former air traffic controller from Atlanta, expressed his enthusiasm – “No meetings and no products was all I needed to hear. First 7 weeks, $38,000. Try that anywhere else.”