July 14, 2024


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Creating and Marketing Your Small Business Website in Cleveland, Ohio

Creating and Marketing Your Small Business Website in Cleveland, Ohio

Small businesses developing during the internet age are in their prime. They will be able to create a website for their business which will allow them to establish their online presence for years to come. There’s no telling the amount of sales, leads and inquiries that will come from one small business website, no matter the industry.

I often tell clients that the internet age that we are in allows small business owners to be in their prime. Even in the midst of a so-called recession, the internet allows those small businesses to have a level playing field with others in their industry who are succeeding in sales and gaining momentum in other places in the country. The internet creates a level playing field for small businesses in Cleveland, Ohio because even though the economy in downtown Cleveland is not-so-hot, the internet economy nationwide is booming.

Hire a Professional Firm

Hiring a professional web design and website development firm in Cleveland, Ohio should be your first step. Being the owner of MJM Design, I can say that there are really only three qualified firms located in downtown Cleveland that absolutely dominate the market. Mine being one of them, the others being Zorebo Interactive and… well who cares. When you are ready to buy a car, who is one of the first persons you talk to about your upcoming purchase? The “car guy” in the family, exactly. Cars are horrible investments which is completely different from your next small business website in Cleveland. Your small business website should offer a return on your investment whether it is producing sales, leads, inquiries or referrals. Finding the “web guys” in Cleveland, Ohio is not a hard thing to do and I highly suggest doing it before moving forward.

Search Engine Placement

Placement on search engines for small business websites in Cleveland, Ohio is paramount. This allows small businesses to showcase their website to potential customers not only in their local market, but also in the national and global market. Search Engine placement will usually require hiring a qualified web design and development company in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a good idea to get your site not only listed locally on Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines, but also for it to rank organically or also known as naturally in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). I recommend staying away from Google AdWords, unless you have the monthly budget. If you can afford spending $400 to $1,500 a month on Google PayPerClick advertising, then I say go for it. You can use Google Analytics to track and measure your conversions in dollar amounts.

Keep Your Site Updated

Your new small business website design and development project is nearly completed. Why did I say nearly completed you say? Well, even though your site might have been designed and developed by MJM Design or another reputable web design and development firm in Cleveland, Ohio, you aren’t out of the woods yet. Creating useful content and updating it on a regular basis will allow you to reap the rewards and keep your customers returning for more. If you skip this crucial step, all of your previous efforts will go wasted leaving you with really pretty, professionally designed and developed HTML documents.

Do You Need a Content Management System?

Typically Content Management Systems also known as CMS are beneficial to larger companies who plan on updating their website content daily or even multiple times per day. This is useful for mortgage companies, companies whose products are changing rapidly and businesses who plan on reporting news in their industry on a daily basis. A Content Management System can be configured as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor which can be accessed by your website administrators. This will allow them to update text, image and hyperlink content on your small business website without having to call your web development company for changes order request.

The four topics should have pointed you in the right direction for creating and marketing your small business website design and development project in Cleveland, Ohio. If you need more information, I suggest contacting a web design and development firm in downtown Cleveland, Ohio (we know what we are doing) to learn more about what a website for your small business can do for your bottom line.