June 21, 2024


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Business Networking, Natural Networking – The Social Media Model

Business networking events strategically spaced throughout the year are critical elements in building a successful business. For the Direct Selling/Network Marketing industry they have always been the critical catalyst for growth. Conventions, regional meetings, monthly opportunity and training sessions, weekly in-home presentations were the way it was done.

Has the Internet changed all that? Actually, society has changed that business model and the Internet has offered us an alternative.

A few short years ago the term social networking meant getting together with family and friends for a BBQ or other social event. Person-to-person contact, that’s what social networking meant. Not anymore, when we talk about social networking today we can just as easily be talking about socializing with some of the soon to be 2 BILLION, that’s B as in BIG, friends we have online.

If you have not adapted to this new reality you are, or soon will be, in trouble. The basic need for business networking has not changed. However, the use of social media business networking has moved the meeting room to your computer screen.

That’s the change, society in general no longer gets face to face with their peers that often. The annual meeting will most likely remain as a opportunity for leaders of the industry to forge personal bonds. And as a place for people on the way up to establish themselves. However, the bulk of the energy put into building your networking business will be online.

So, how do you reach these 2 Billion potential business partners? Advertising and flashy promotions are not effective in reaching people online. Facebook is a great case in point. Facebook is valued at somewhere between 20 and 30 Billion dollars. Why? Because they have over 500 million users. Advertiser are drooling. 500 Million users on one platform ready to receive my advertising. Oops; turns out those 500 Million users don’t care for advertisements. They just don’t pay any attention to them.

Does that mean that Facebook is toast? No! Facebook has 500 Million (and growing) potential buyers, sellers just have to figure out how to reach them. Some of us have. The day of the traditional advertisers is over and the time of the natural networker is here.

People online want to interact with people who provide them with something of value. From this exchange they form relationships that lead to online friendships and trust. It is natural for friends to exchange information and give and receive advice. It is the same network marketing model that has always existed the difference is the medium of the personal exchange of information.

In a personal relationship status, looks and influence in the community are often significant factors. In an online friendship the value of the information or advice exchanged is often the most important factor.

The natural networker loves helping people and teaching them how they can be, do or have anything they want. It’s natural and comes out in social exchanges. The natural networker thrives on teaching people how to use social media and social networking to build change their lives. The natural networker is usually an industry evangelist who believes in the industry, studies it and spreads the message by word and deed.

A natural networker is always looking for positive, self motivated people who want to make a change and are seriously committed to getting the job done. Natural networkers are seldom interested in selling anything, they are interested in sharing and partnering.

If your business is one of the thousands that want to work with others online you need to become a natural networker.