July 15, 2024


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Be a Winner With Business Opportunity Classified Ads

Be a Winner With Business Opportunity Classified Ads

The business opportunity section of a website is usually one of the most read categories on a classified ad website as people are always looking for products that will help them make either extra money or a full time income.

By writing ads within this section to either extend your downline with a MLM product or to promote a business opportunity affiliate product, you will definitely see a difference in the amount of traffic you receive.

Always remember that the people that are reading the ads are looking for a genuine business opportunity and they will often spot a scam from a mile away, so if you are thinking of running ads for scams, then you will fail straight away. Also, complaints to the classified ads site will almost definitely get you banned.

When writing you ads, put yourself in the shoes of your reader, what would you want to know? One big mistake that people make with classified ads, is that they use them to sell the product or service, don’t. You should use the advert to entice a customer to click through to your own sales page or website. This should be done by offering some more information to your customer in the form of a free report or by offering a free tutorial, etc.

Writing and ad within the business opportunities section will really make a difference to your advertising strategy. Also, the main bonus is, there are lots of classified ad sites that allow you to advertise free of charge, therefore reducing your advertising costs.