May 20, 2024


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5 Clever Ways Schools are Marketing in 2022


Engage with Local Media 

Create a connection with your neighbourhood association. You can include frequent pieces in their newsletters and local community magazines that specify the dates and hours of upcoming events, sporting schedules, and any relevant news. You can send stories to the news source that is closest to you as this will help to bring awareness to what is going on in your school. Additionally, you can use newsletters to disseminate information about school events and possibilities. 

Utilise YouTube for Content Marketing 

The utilisation of YouTube complements digital marketing strategies and may be used to boost brand awareness and search engine optimization performance. By investing an afternoon or two to optimise their videos for organic search, YouTube users may significantly enhance their traffic. 

Long-form videos may be employed at the program level in addition to being an excellent advertising tool. Prospects can gain insight into the school by having student ambassadors speak about their experiences in the program or by doing quick “day in the life” films. A new tool makes it simple to evaluate the effectiveness of your film with viewers before uploading it. 

Additionally, videos do not have to involve people; instead, they can include motion graphics and data visualisations that reflect your school’s beliefs and goals. This is an incredibly good feature to utilise due to the fact that you can have an increase in brand awareness and the overall success of your school. 

Create a Student Organised Marketing Club 

In today’s workplace, creative entrepreneurship is a highly regarded ability. Allowing students to “brainstorm,” design, and implement marketing plans for your school may be a terrific way to involve them in the process while simultaneously giving them significant, hands-on learning experiences. This could be a great way to get students who may be interested in marketing or business-related careers the ability to understand what marketing entails. Additionally, it shows the students and parents that you care about the student’s inputs regarding the school. 

Engage with Students and Alumni on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a social networking site that primarily serves as a platform for professionals to network online. LinkedIn features corporate profiles, which is a great way for a school or institution to construct its profile. It will improve your search engine performance, and a school is a terrific method to encourage people to interact.

Create a LinkedIn group for your school or institution and invite former students to join. If this LinkedIn group can serve to bring ex-students together in a professional setting, it will help to deepen the school’s relationship and boost its image and brand. This shows parents that the school cares about its students and their success post-graduation. 

Maintain a Blog and Post Engaging Content 

Blogging is an excellent method to build industry expertise, as well as a significant tool for improving search engine performance. Businesses who prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to have a positive ROI on their efforts. 

The principal could write blogs on several educational themes. It is critical to remember that the goal should be to deliver relevant information to parents, whether they are just starting their research, are ready to enrol their children, or have children who are already enrolled. You can even have staff and student guests write on the blog. 

The way we market is constantly changing and evolving. It is extremely important to have a set plan. If you intend to manage your school as a business, you must first understand your customers. Understanding how people seek and consume information, as well as how to effectively engage with them is important, not only because it brings brand awareness but also can have an increase in enrollment. If you have any questions regarding your marketing or marketing strategy, get in contact with one of our marketing experts at Marketing Eye today! 

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