July 14, 2024


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3 Ways to Plant Your Feet in Business Networking

3 Ways to Plant Your Feet in Business Networking

Do you understand the meaning of “Plant your feet”? It is basically an analogy that describes the planting of a tree. It also means, to fasten yourself to something very tightly.

When you plant a tree, the seeds are inserted into the ground and the roots spread widely as the tree grows upward. Typically, you can cut down the tree but the roots remain and sometimes, the tree will continue to grow.

This is what I’m referring to when I describe planting your feet in business networking. I am saying to attach yourself to it in a way that transcends average attachments. Attachment in which you would typically give up when the going got rough.

The reason I recommend this, is because far too many people call it quits when they don’t get immediate results. I am a living example that long term relationships are possible, even for beginners, and can become very fruitful with time.

So, if you are wanting to get more out of your networking efforts, keep going and don’t quit. It is highly recommended that you plant your feet. Here are 3 ways to do so;

1. Make a do or die commitment and stick to it.

Making a do or die commitment and planting your feet are synonymous. It doesn’t mean that you will die if you don’t meet your commitment but you want to train your brain as if it’s actually true. If you were ever involved in a life or death situation, you know how priorities can change in the wink of an eye. You also know the severity in your resolve, when it comes to such things.

2. Put yourself in a position where you have to “Come through” for others.

This step requires you to put pressure on yourself. This demands you to leave your comfort zone. Nothing puts you under pressure like having to be accountable to others.

For example; you can hold your own business networking event or meeting. You can also invite an important colleague to meet you at a certain event knowing that you’re good standing would be greatly affected if you don’t show up.

3. Keep track of your activity and progress.

Another way to plant your feet and somewhat ease the pressure, is to keep track of your results. I say “ease the pressure” because once you are able to see the progress you’re making, it can encourage you to proceed further. Just remember to keep your feet planted even if you notice little or no progress. This simply means that some adjustments are due.